Neo4j vs Data Graphs

How does Neo4j measure-up against Data Graphs as a Knowledge Graph Workbench?

Knowledge Graph Workbench Comparison

Comparing Neo4j and Data Graphs as a tool for high-speed domain modelling and prototyping.

Neo4JData Graphs
Visually design a custom knowledge graph model

Ability to design a knowledge graph model visually, in minutes.

Graph Explorer UI to browse your graph

An interactive graph explorer that allows users to click from node to node, and to discover connections and serendipitous routes through your knowledge graph

Scale to production without any hardware or migration

Provides the ability to scale-up when your workbench projects need to move into production reality. Launch to Production!

Business friendly User Experience

You do not need to be a graph expert, data guru, or developer to create and interact with your knowledge graph.

Ready-to-go Secure API conforming to your custom graph model

A developer friendly API, complete with documentation and OpenAPI UI to test against your data, that conforms immediately to your model, without coding work.

Supports RDF Graph Models

Provides a graph modelling approach that supports meaningful relationships and reasoning. Get JSON-LD data via the UI or the API

The UI provides a CSV data uploader

You can use the user interface to upload and map your CSVs into your custom model.

Faceted Search UI

A powerful UI that allows a faceted search of your knowledge graph, customized to your own domain model.

This product comparison is for just one use case of Neo4j and Data Graphs. Both products are fully featured and support many other use cases.