Data Graphs Use Case

The IPTC Sport Schema

Try the IPTC Sport Schema Data Graphs demo for yourself.

The following guide will use a sports model to show you how quickly you can get started with Data Graphs.

The IPTC Sport Schema in our Visual Modelling Tool.
The IPTC Sport Schema in our Visual Modelling Tool.

How to set up the IPTC Sport Schema in Data Graphs

Step 1: Start a Data Graphs Free Trial
Step 2: Import the IPTC Sport sample model

The IPTC Sport Schema is available as one of a number of pre-defined models, with an option to import sample data.

Step 3: Edit the model, visually

You have full control over editing the model using the Data Graphs Visual Modelling Tool.
You can find more information about using the Visual Modelling Tool here in our knowledgebase.

Step 4: Create a dataset

If you didn't opt to import sample data, you will need to create a dataset to house your data. You can set up a dataset by following our knowledgebase document here.

Step 5: Add concepts

To see how easy it is to populate the knowledge graph, you add concepts in the editing UI, or load data using our CSV importer.
Find out how to load data here in our knowledgebase.

Step 6: Use the API

Data Graphs is "API First", and has a rich, well documented API.

See the API docs and OpenAPI here.