Data Management
Search and Discovery
Platform Features
Data Management
vertical_splitIntuitive User Interface
Clean, modern, super intuitive user experience, allowing you to manage your data with ease
layersData Sets
Organise groups of concepts into named data sets
adjustConcept Classes
Create re-usable concept classes and their property schemas
inputProperty Data Typing
Concept properties support primitive data types including booleans, integers, decimals, strings, keywords, and URLs
verifiedCustom validation rules
Add custom validation rules to Concept properties for numeric ranges, regex, cardinality etc
account_treeSemantic Relationships
Create semantically aware relationships between concept types
Create concepts types that are subclasses of other types, inheriting properties
scatter_plotDomain Model Visualization
Visualise your domain or ontology model, the classes, properties and relationships.
low_priorityNested Data
Create richly structured data with concepts nested directly inside each other
linear_scaleArray Properties
Create properties that are arrays of any data type
smart_buttonTransitive Class Inference
Subclassing supports transitive inference, on query, search and faceting. The UI is inference aware, to allow for easy concept linking across transitive class relationships
merge_typeMatch and Merge
Find similar concepts, and merge together using an easy user interface
double_arrowMigrate Concepts
Migrate concepts into different types/classes or datasets
Import data in bulk via an intuitive CSV/TSV import tool, or via the API
Export data sets in bulk, and download data dumps securely
ruleCandidate Concepts
Pre-published candidate concepts can be created via the API or the UI, allowing for a simple workflow for curating new data
history_toggleAudit Trails
All data editing operations are logged in an audit trail, showing a complete history of operations on your data
A modern API with an easy query syntax for sorting, filtering and data navigation
codeJavascript Client Library
An npm library for easy integration with JS clients
photo_size_select_smallGeospatial Queries
API supports Near, Bounding-Box and Bounding-Polygon queries
filter_altQuery Syntax
Query data via the API using an intuitive query syntax, that supports boolean operators, comparators and range filtering
Configure webhooks for push integration on concept creation and update triggers
miscellaneous_servicesPre-commit hooks
Configure pre-commit webhooks for event driven triggers before data is committed
All API results can be requested in pure JSON or JSON-LD so they can be consumed as graph data
import_exportImport / Export
Import bulk data in tabular form using CSV, export datasets in different formats
Search and Discovery
searchFull Text Search
Powerful full text search with support for autocomplete, disambiguation, metadata filtering and sorting.
searchAdvanced Search
Combine complex metadata and relationship driven queries with full text search using boolean and numeric expressions in an intuitive search interface.
filter_listDynamic Facets
Facet search results dynamically using any properties from your concept schemas
Search within datasets, or federate search across all your data sets
placeGeospatial Data
Supports WGS84 latitude and longitude and geohash properties for curating geospatial concepts
device_hubGraph Visualization
Navigate and explore your knowledge graph and reference data visually.
mapMap Views
View geospatial concepts in search results on maps
Platform Features
cloud_queueCloud Hosted
No infrastructure to install or maintain. The engineering is all taken care of for you
speedConsistent Performance
API query performance is consistently fast, even for very large datasets
lockEnd to End Encryption
Data is encrypted end to end, and encrypted at rest
supervisor_accountTeam Roles
Roles for multiple team members including Owners, Admins, Editors, Developers and Read-only users
securitySecure Access
Access your API using Open ID credentials for secure integration
Scales to millions of concepts
color_lensWhite Labelling
Customisable to your own brand colours and logo
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