Product Features

All the features you need to build a high value knowledge graph quickly, easily and integrate it with your apps and business systems

Visual Domain
Visual domain model builder
Data Graphs puts your domain model front and center and has a dedicated visual user experience to construct your ontologies and models.
Intuitive UI
Intuitive data management UI
The Data Graphs user interface is intuitive to use and lets you manage your data model. Search, explore, and curate your data with ease.
Fully Managed Service
Fully managed service
Data Graphs is fully managed. There is no infrastructure for you to maintain or engineering for you to do, lowering your total cost of maintenance and ownership.
Visual Graph Explorer
Visual graph explorer
A state of the art knowledge graph explorer to navigate and visualise connectivity through your data.
Supports Open Standards
Supports open data standards
Data Graphs supports open standards from RDF and Property-Label graphs such as JSON-LD and Cypher for query.
Webhooks for event-based integration
Fine grained and expressive webhooks allow you to integrate Data Graphs with your business systems using event-based architecture patterns.
Comprehensive API
Comprehensive and expressive API
A richly featured API with full read/write and query capability that is easy to develop with and easy to integrate.
Cypher Language
Cypher graph query language
Data Graphs supports the Cypher query language for querying your graph using the API or via a state of the art user interface.
Geospatial Data
Geospatial Data
Manage and visualize spatial data. Support for WGS84 latitude and longitude coordinates, geohashes, location inference, and geospatial API queries.
Knowledge Graph CMS
Knowledge Graph CMS
Data Graphs delivers next generation headless CMS capability where your content can be authored and connected to your domain entities centrally, delivering compelling apps and user journeys.
Knowledge Graph DAM
Knowledge Graph DAM (Digital Asset Management)
Data Graphs provides Knowledge Graph DAM capabilities: interconnected media asset management and delviery - images, video, video moments, audio, and more - with highly structured, connected graph metadata.
Video Key Moment Curation
Video Key Moment Curation
Data Graphs supports Video Key Moment curation, in order to present users, social platforms, and search engines with better discovery and more enjoyable experience capabilities.