Data Graphs Use Case

Content Graph Platform

Deliver better ROI on your video and multi-media:

  1. Grow reach using interconnected rich media
  2. Launch new user experiences and services rapidly
  3. Increase domain authority with intelligent structure

Use the Pre-Configured Content Graph Model

Our content graph leverages 13 years of experience with global brands, and incorporates the IPTC Creative Works model, so that you can get started rapidly adding and curating your media content.

Use our pre-configured Content Graph models to get started quickly
Use our pre-configured Content Graph models to get started quickly
Use powerful tools to curate your media in the Content Graph
Use powerful tools to curate your media in the Content Graph
Explore and manage the connected media assets
Explore and manage the connected media assets
Manage and interconnect your media easily
Manage and interconnect your media easily
Using Data Graphs to power our dynamic semantic Content Graph enabled us to get to market rapidly.

What used to take more than a year, now takes no time - we can launch an O&O media platform with live streaming, scheduling, and all on-demand media interconnected by a knowledge graph, in record time.

Now the technology platform is no longer the rate-limiting step.
Todd Carter, CTO at Resolute Square (a PBC from The Lincoln Project)

Key Features

The Data Graphs Content Graph Platform has been created with 13 years of experience in digital publishing knowledge graphs. It incorporates open standards, and state-of-the-art AI classification services.

Rapid speed-to-market
With all of your content and interconnecting metadata in one place, the pre-baked APIs enable you to try new formats and offerings rapidly.
  1. Your Devs and App builders can create new products rapidly.
  2. No need to pin content together across platforms.
  3. No need to re-work your information management systems across data silos.
Interconnected Multi-Media Content Management
Benefit from our 13 years of experience and expertise launching content graphs for The BBC and other global brands.
  1. Curate and interconnect your Video, Video Moments, Scheduling EPG, Live Events, Audio, Articles, Newsletters and more, in one place.
  2. View and check your content assets and connected intelligence using faceted search, advanced search, or graph explorer - it's easy.
Automated AI Content Tagging
Our market-leading AI automated content classification service Tagmatic was built with 11 years of experience of Newsroom auto-tagging for BBC, SKY, NewsCorp et al.
  1. Our AI Auto-tagging uses your knowledge graph and your team style.
  2. It learns new terms on-the-fly.
  3. It self-optimizes constantly.
  4. It is production-ready.

Find out more here (at our Tagmatic website)

Video Key Moments
Our extensive experience with Video Key Moments enabled us to develop tooling and technology to support massive reach and engagement growth through Video Moments.
  1. You can now create a multifold increase in SEO surface area, and make more of your valuable Video content.
  2. Enable your audience and fans to find the things they love, within your videos, at the moment when they most need them.
  3. Create product moments, FAQ moments, and rich interlinking to your subject matter across media.