Reference Data Management

With Data Graphs you can create, structure and connect your reference data rapidly, and manage it with ease in one place

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Why choose Data Graphs for reference data management?
Based on years of experience on information management projects with global brands, we have refined Data Graphs to make reference data management efficient and intuitive for data managers in all sectors.
Flexible Schema Creation
Structure and manage your datasets with our intuitive UI and flexible schema management
Powerful Faceted Search
Search, query, filter, facet, sort and explore your reference datasets with our powerful federated search
Secure and Powerful API
Integrate your reference data with your business systems using our comprehensive API and Web Hooks
Performance and Scale
Fast, consistent response times, and scaling from hundreds to millions of reference data objects
Geospatial Data
Store and explore reference data geospatially and query using near, bounding box and polygon queries
Linked Data
Supports semantically aware relationships for linking concepts and subclassing with taxonomic transitivity
Talk to Us
Data Graphs provides a route to making reference data accessible and portable.
Silver Oliver - Head of Information Architecture
What's it like to use Data Graphs?
Using the Data Graphs UI, it's easy to set up your schemas and datasets, and then to load your data via the UI, or the API. We've included a range of features to make structuring, connecting and consuming your reference data easier than ever.
Create data structures
Data Graphs allows you to quickly setup structured reference data sets, with meaningful connections between your concepts.
Import data
Our data importing features make the setup process painless - simply import your datasets using CSVs, TSVs, or via the API.
Connect using the API
Our fast and secure API allows you to integrate your ref data with your business systems with full search and query capability.
Manage with ease
Our intuitive UI allows you and your teams to navigate, interrogate, manage and curate your reference datasets with ease.
Let us show you, or try it out yourself
You can be up and running rapidly - just leave us your email to request a demo so that we can show you around, or start your free trial now - no credit card required.