What you can do with Data Graphs

The simple steps to building your knowledge graph.
We show how you can get more out of Data Graphs.

Your Data Graphs journey

Create a model, import and create your data, search, navigate and manage your data, integrate with your apps and business systems.
Create your domain model
Import and create data
Navigate your knowledge graph
Integrate with your applications

Create your domain model

Map the entities in your domain and the relationships between them, and create a model in Data Graphs with our intuitive schema builder. Visualise your model, and modify it until it reflects your domain and business requirements.
View your datasets
View your domain model
Manage your concept types
Manage your model schema

Import your data

You can ingest data into Data Graphs using our CSV import wizard, or via the Data Graphs API
Upload CSV data
Match CSV columns with your concept properies
Finalise and review your imported data
Finalise and review your imported data

Search, navigate, and manage your data

You can navigate your data using our faceted full text and metadata driven search experience, or explore your knowledge graph visually.
Federated full text search
Search geospatially
Faceted search and query building
Visually explore your knowledge graph

Integration with apps and systems

You can integrate your data with applications and your business systems using the Data Graphs API and web-hooks. We have a JS client library for easy app development. You can integrate securely with standard oAuth and an API Key.
Client library
Integrate with NodeJS