The new generation of Knowledge Graph Management

Create, structure and connect your knowledge graph rapidly, and manage it with ease in one place using 'Data Graphs'

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Why choose Data Graphs for your Knowledge Graph?
Based on years of experience on information management projects with global brands, we have refined Data Graphs to make knowledge graph management efficient and intuitive for information managers in all sectors.
Launch your Knowledge Graph Rapidly
Create your data schema, load the data in, connect your apps via our flebible API, and your knowledge graph is ready for production use!
Manage your Data Model with Ease
Construct your domain model and maintain your data easily with our intuitive user interface and smart data typing
Enjoy the powerful Search Features
Search, query, filter, facet, sort and explore your knowledge graph with our powerful federated search
Connect to the Secure and Powerful API
Integrate your knowledge graph data with your business systems, with our comprehensive API and web hooks
Structure your Concepts with Types and Subclasses
Create concepts types that are subclasses of other types, inheriting properties
Harness your Geospatial data, out of the box
Store geospatial data in your knowledge graph and query using near, bounding box and polygon queries
Knowledge Graph Experts
We have delivered Knowledge Graph solutions for global brands including:
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What can you do with Data Graphs?
What do global brands and businesses of all sizes achieve using Data Graphs?
Test before you Invest
Create your knowledge graph rapidly, and test it out in real life using our powerful search and visualization features. Build apps and connect services to the secure API to deliver POCs and Production services without the need for infrastructure.
Explore your Knowledge Graph
Create your data models, load in your data, and explore your organisation's Knowledge Graph quickly and easily. Use the Domain Model visualizer, and graph data explorer to demonstrate connections and possibilities to your users.
Demonstrate the value of your Knowledge Graph
Create rapid demonstrations for your investors, teams and stakeholders using our powerful visualization tools and search features. With Data Graphs, you can rapidly demonstrate the art of the possible!
Create your Information Backbone
Our powerful and secure API allows you to integrate your knowledge graph data with your business systems with ease. The APIs are ready with full search and query capability, including geospatial, customized to your model, out of the box.
Get started now
You can be up and running rapidly - just choose to start your free demo, or leave us your email to request a demo - we can walk you through the process!